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About This Project

WetKote is one of Allkotes latest releases, it’s quite a unique and amazing product. The amazing concept of this product is that it disappears when a liquid is rubbed or applied to it. Similar to our ThermoKote product where hot or cold temperatures are used for activation, in this case, it can be as simple as adding water. WetKote is applied to your nominated area/s by the screen so you are in control of where its placed. The natural colour of WetKote is white and should you require a sample feel free to contact your Allkotes team. For quoting purposes please provide the size of the image area requiring WetKote, how many upon the sheet and the number of sheets.


Best results may include the use of a gloss or matte film underneath the WetKote, for obvious reasons the natural interaction or contact between water and paper don’t mix. Please remember a 20mm grip is a strict requirement plus a film positive right reading emulsion up or PDF file outlining the area/s to be coated. Reduce the print density or strength of your printed background to ensure our WetKote offers that air of mystery you are looking for.


The natural colour of WetKote is white and it’s not totally opaque so you should discuss your project with the Allkotes team at the concept stage. Try to avoid dark colour backgrounds and large image areas of WetKote as the product works best in small areas. Keep WetKote away from scores, trims and folds as it may crack.

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