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About This Project

Increase your design profile with the raised effect of UltraKote. A rich clear glossy high build coating that adds lift for that ultimate effect. UltraKote offers a three-dimensional look and feel to your printed sheet. The graphic design is critical in achieving amazing results with UltraKote, make that splash of water look real or bring your background to life with a pattern.


Add UltraKote to your magazine or book cover it will provide a stylish look to that title treatment or masthead. The options don’t end there what about packaging – cosmetic- pharmaceutical – wine or spirit boxes, POS display work, DM marketing pieces, presentation folders. What about adding MatteKote, TouchKote or ToughKote. The contrast of Matte and Gloss with the added lift of UltraKote what more do you need. UltraKote is also an effective alternative to embossing as this coating gives a high gloss, high build finish without affecting the inside of the sheet.


For all UltraKote work a 20mm grip is a strict requirement, so from the grip edge to the first image, we are coating a 20mm gap is needed. UltraKote is available for one side sided sheet work only. We require a marked up sheet showing the grip and lay. A film positive right reading emulsion up or a PDF outlining the area to be coated is required. Ensure your inks are dry before we coat or laminate otherwise set off, scuffing and marking can occur.


Timing is critical to this process so we recommend you allow time for the coating to cure before pick up or despatch. Remember to book your job in with our production team. It’s a good idea to use UltraKote on bold areas of type as fine type will not provide a clear clean result. Our Allkotes team is here to help with all our products so if you are unsure or require samples feel free to contact us.


UltraKote must remain well away from any score, fold or trim as it will crack. Recommended distance from these areas would be 3mm to 5mm from the trim, fold or score edge. Avoid large areas of UltraKote as you will not see the true qualities of this product. Suggested coverage for UltraKote should be no more than 30% – 40% of the printed surface area.


Should you need assistance in this area feel free to contact your Allkotes team. When guillotining UltraKote its best to cut in small amounts and to keep the impact of the guillotine clamp away from direct contact. Do not double stack or leave shrink wrap on your pallet as blocking or set off can occur.

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