About - Allkotes
Over 40 years of experience servicing the print industry whilst being environmentally resourceful and ethical.
Special effects, UV, Spot, Metallised
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Allkotes Pty Limited’s beginnings date back to the 1950s in Melbourne

A complete revamp in the early 1970s brought the new descriptive name of All-Kotes

The company continued to grow and in 1979, All-Kotes Sydney was established. The need for a more corporate structure saw the merging of all entities and production sites under one company in 1998 and Allkotes Pty Limited became one.


In line with recent industry rationalisation, Allkotes now has one super site in Sydney. Increasing demand for quality print finishing in a market starved of innovation in special effects is where Allkotes has excelled and continues to excel with an ever widening range of products. Our reputation for innovation, quality and service in a difficult and specialised market sets us apart.


Allkotes Sydney has more machine power than any other company in the laminating and coating field which enables Allkotes to meet those ever demanding deadlines and tight turnaround times. We are known for our professionalism, technological advances, product innovation and our policy for always putting the customer first. We are straight shooters, people orientated and safety conscious with a strong belief in our staff and our abilities to provide the market with the very best in print Special Effects, Laminating, Coating, Gluing, Die Cutting, Embellishment and Design.


Allkotes is proud to be the Australian – Oceania member of the International Print Finisher Group which meets every two years to exchange ideas and review the latest technological advances which, needless to say, are passed on to you, the customer, in quick time with the benefit of proven experience.

Reliable + Sustainable

Quality that is Consistent & Superior

Passionate about Print Innovation

Committed to Great Customer Service

Market Leader in Specialty Products


At all times our company is to be ethical, responsible to the environment and flexible

to the needs of our industry.With this in mind Allkotes

has continued to invest in the ecosystem.

At all times our company is to be ethical, responsible to the environment and flexible to the needs of our industry. With this in mind Allkotes has continued to invest in the ecosystem. Allkotes was instrumental in the early 1990s with the introduction of water-based adhesives and coatings into the print finishing industry. With the opening of the Silverwater super site in 2007 we introduced a fully integrated water recycling system which included the installation of a major rain water tank. Then in 2013 Allkotes made the switch to solar energy with the introduction of a substantial 100KW solar panel.


Allkotes is at the forefront in the introduction of bio-degradable, compostable, and sustainable laminating films made from wood pulp. The availability of Oxo biodegradable Gloss & Matte films are designed to breakdown under light and oxygen. Allkotes is also well equipped to work with the introduction of other environmentally friendly films from ethanol sources such as corn and sugar etc.


The company is also acutely aware of the need for advanced waste management and endeavors at all times to make sure this is achieved under the correct licenses and certifications of the relevant authorities. As per the requirements of some of our major customers who run strict environmental guidelines we are required at all times to monitor and control our input of materials and this is being met on a constant basis. Environmental objectives including the efficient use of materials are monitored and reviewed to ensure continuous ongoing improvement.


Allkotes is a company committed to the betterment of the Environment for the Community as a whole.

Ethical + Responsible

Flexible to the needs of the industry

Bio-degradable + compostable films

Committed to sustainability

Advanced waste management

Efficient use of materials

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