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About This Project

WindowKote offers all the benefits of film lamination with the ability to leave a window to highlight your product inside the carton. It is an alternative to window patching while leaving your carton with an eye-catching gloss finish or matte finish. We require the flat printed sheet sent to Allkotes before any die cutting of the window panel area takes place. Allkotes will then apply our pre-seal product to the sheet, after which the sheet will then need to have the die cut window panel removed. The sheets will then be returned to Allkotes for the final application of the WindowKote gloss or matte film. It is also important to contact your Allkotes team to discuss your requirements as the layout of the window requires pre-planning. For quoting purposes, we require a diagram or an image of the sheet layout with the window dimensions and proximity to any score, fold or trim. Please also provide how many up on the sheet and how many sheets are required. Minimum stock weight for all WindowKote jobs is 350um and its best to allow a 30mm gap from the edge of the window to the edge of the panel.


In planning your next WindowKote job remember we require the flat sheet sent to Allkotes without the die cut window area first. We will then apply a pre-seal product, following this step the sheet has the window die cut process take place and then returned to Allkotes. Allkotes will then apply the WindowKote application. Post this process the final die cut would then be carried out prior to glueing the carton or box. Do remember that WindowKote is a glueable and foil stampable film. Please ensure your inks are dry before sending to Allkotes, otherwise set off, scuffing or marking may occur. Also provide a marked-up sheet showing the grip and lay. Allow plenty of overs when producing any WindowKote job as there are multiple processes required.


Don’t plan your next WindowKote job until you have discussed your requirements with your Allkotes team. It’s important you understand the process and the application as its changed. The window panel area is now die cut after Allkotes applies the pre-seal product. So, do not cut the window panel area out until Allkotes has placed the pre-seal product. Don’t use any large areas of metallic inks as they can create adhesion problems for the film to adhere to the sheet. Do not apply any varnish, primer or aqueous varnish as this can affect the adhesion of the WindowKote. Avoid excessive use of spray powder as this can affect the overall quality and adhesion of the WindowKote. In designing your window area ensure it doesn’t exceed 30% of the total front panel size. Avoid scoring through the WindowKote as the film will not crease. Don’t use stock less than 350um.

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