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About This Project

Just scratch this coating to release the scent we have placed onto the printed graphics area. Our Scratch ‘n’ ScentKote (SNS) library is continually expanding and we can even assist in the customising of a new scent. Our SNS product is applied via the screen process so you or your customer have control over where it is placed. Depending on the coverage and positioning of the scent it is possible for two or three scents to be applied on a sheet, but please be careful of cross contamination as one scent could cancel out the scent of another. So if it’s a new perfume, hair shampoo/conditioner or washing powder we can work with existing products to create an SNS promo piece. So let your Allkotes team help you with your next scratch ‘n’ scent project. Click here for a full list of available scents.


When planning your next Scratch ‘n’ ScentKote (SNS) project remember to handle with care as the product is designed to activate with any type of rubbing or abrasive action. It is a good idea to ask your Allkotes team for a sample, where possible, of the SNS fragrance being requested by your client for approval before proceeding with any order. A 20mm grip is a strict requirement for this process. Should your job require printing both sides its advised some type of varnish is placed on the reverse side of the sheet. This can assist at the handling end in the reduction of any rewetting or smudging of the SNS onto the printed surface. Don’t forget we require a film positive right reading emulsion up or a PDF file outlining the area that is to be coated. When requesting a quote please ensure you provide us with the size of image area required, how many upon the sheet and how many sheets.


Remember to keep guillotine clamp pressure away from the SNS area as added pressure can burst the microencapsulated product. For best results place the SNS in the centre of the sheet or the middle of the image area, keep away from scores, folds and trims. Large areas of SNS aren’t advisable as the product becomes more difficult to handle and process. We strongly advise not to use uncoated stocks when using SNS as it will soak into the substrate, therefore, reducing the impact of the SNS.

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