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About This Project

Tough, strong and price effective when heavy-duty protective lamination is required. Turns paper into rigid plastic ideal for posters, signs and point of sale material and counter mats. Non-reflective textured finish means your message is unaffected by spotlights etc. We can place a heat bend into RigidKote turning your piece into a frame self-standing unit. We can provide a heat bend into your finished piece, please let us know at the quoting stage. RigidKote is ideal for stand-ups, A frames, mobiles and even foamed for non-slip counter mats and posters. Its also highly recommended that you have Allkotes round corner the four corners of your finished piece. Without the round cornering, the edges are quite sharp and possibly dangerous. To request a sample of RigidKote contact your Allkotes team. The minimum size for RigidKote is 150mm x 150mm up to 590mm x 910mm maximum. We should also point out that some digital devices may not be compatible with this process, we do recommend that you allow us to test your printed sheet first.


Stock weight is important so when planning your next RigidKote job try and keep the weight between 115gsm and 200gsm. Remember that RigidKote is the final process in completing your job so please ensure you supply flat trimmed finished sheets. Not all inks will be compatible with RigidKote before proceeding with your printing please check with your supplier or have our Allkotes team run a test with a printed sample. RigidKote will always require a border of 5mm to 10mm. Check that your digital device is compatible with Allkotes prior to printing, a sample sheet/s may be required for testing.


RigidKote is a very strong product and can have sharp corners we recommend round cornering as a matter of protection. Allkotes can provide this service. RigidKote cannot be trimmed to the edge. Not recommended for outdoor use as the film offers little protection to the inks as they can discolour if subject to direct prolonged sunlight.


Try to avoid inks that have high wax levels as they will affect the adhesion of the RigidKote to your printed surface. If you are unsure please provide sheets for testing prior to printing or contact your ink supplier.

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