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About This Project

PearlKote is a product that can take on many different looks pending the requirement. The amazing part re a pearlescent finish is that opinions vary. The overall effect of the pearl finish can shift pending the substrate, the ink colour placed down first and the pigment used. This product can actually offer a chameleon of effects if used in the right way. There is a variety of colours that are available and we advise lead times and possible testing requirements are factored in at the concept stage. Used in various forms of packaging but can also be used for magazines, book covers, greeting cards, presentation folders etc. Can be an all-over coating or applied in a spot process depending on the substrate and the pearl effect required. To learn more about the colours and range of PearlKote contact your Allkotes team.


Contact your Allkotes team at the concept stage so we can guide you through for best results. Some of the pigments required can take up to 4 – 6 week lead time. PearlKote will have a varied appearance depending on the printed colour surface of your ink. We require a 20mm grip so from the grip edge to the first image we need a 20mm gap. We do advise testing prior to proceeding. Please send a marked up sheet showing the grip and lay. Depending on the coverage its advised to be mindful of keeping PearlKote away from scores, folds and trims.


Don’t commit or promise to quick turnaround times with your customer until you have spoken to your Allkotes team. There will be slight variations re the intensity of the PearlKote through the run so ensure you advise your customer. Don’t apply any varnish, primer or aqueous coating unless it’s approved by your supplier for this process. Avoid the use of excessive spray powder as it will affect the overall quality of your job.

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