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About This Project

PhotoKote has arrived and this product is totally amazing it works with UV sunlight to reveal a colour/s. This product is truly one of a kind in how it can be used its a very clever promotional tool. The idea being when indoors the colour/s selected cannot be seen but once exposed to UV sunlight the colours then come to life. Imagine that secret message you want to send your customer or that DM piece where you left a colour out, watch and be amazed as the colour appears when exposed outside. Available in magenta, blue, green, orange, yellow, violet and grey and can be used on outdoor promotional pieces, DM pieces, POS items, postcards, posters, magazine covers, book covers and packaging. For quoting purposes please provide your proposed artwork with an idea of the image area required along with how many upon the sheet and the number of sheets plus the colour/s required. Remember plan your job wisely and if want to know more contact your Allkotes team.


Stock choice is critical to the success of PhotoKote best results have been seen using semi-porous uncoated stocks. Selection of a coated stock can allow a residual colour of the PhotoKote to be seen therefore reducing the impact. Remember PhotoKote will only work once exposed to UV sunlight. It’s always a good idea to contact your Allkotes team at the concept stage for your next PhotoKote project. Allkotes will order in PhotoKote as a job by job basis so it’s important to build in a 2-3 week lead time when planning your job. We will require a film positive right reading emulsion up or a PDF outlining the area to be coated. We will also require a 20mm grip.


Don’t use coated stocks as they will hold a residual colour of the PhotoKote, therefore, reducing the overall impact when exposed to sunlight.

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