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About This Project

MicroKote otherwise known as Micromotion is a unique screen-printed finish that offers lustrous patterns which are memorising and tactile. When looking at Micromotion just the change of an angle allows light to be reflected causing subtle changes to the pattern, this, in turn, creates the illusion of motion, hence Micromotion. The amazing wow factor to Micromotion is that it can be applied to just about any design whether it’s for POS, Packaging, Book or Magazine Covers, Inserts, DM Pieces, Presentation Folders, Business cards and the list goes on, you won’t be disappointed. This product truly has to be seen to be believed. We have an extensive library of patterns that you can choose from or use a combination of patterns to create that really special piece. Micromotion also works incredibly well with our laminations and metalised films. For a sample of Micromotion please contact your Allkotes team and we will be only too glad to help. Should you also wish to see a sample of the patterns available in Micromotion contact Darren Delaney our General Manager. Allkotes is proud to be licensed by Serigraph in the US for the adaption of Micromotion to the Australian and New Zealand markets.


Contact your Allkotes team at concept stage to check out the latest in patterns and discuss the endless possibilities. Micromotion is a clear coating allowing it to be totally transparent over the top of the print. A 20mm grip is a strict requirement plus a film positive right reading emulsion up or a PDF of your artwork.


The patterns for Micromotion have been designed to achieve maximum effect any changes in size can reduce the overall effect of Micromotion. Don’t copy or use the Micromotion patterns without consultation with Allkotes, as this technology is patented.

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