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About This Project

GlossKote keeps costs down while producing super gloss and excellent rub and scuff resistance. It is ideal for magazines, paperbacks, brochures, annual reports, greeting cards, directories or anywhere an eye catching glossy front cover is required. As it is a liquid coating, the substrate needs to have sufficient hold out for the gloss coating to stand on top and be effective. GlossKote makes it possible for a premium gloss finish for high volume and cost conscious projects. It is also available in GlossKote Gluable providing the same high gloss finish with enhanced glueability suitable for your packaging needs.


GlossKote requires a grip of 20mm so from the grip edge to the first image a 20mm gap is required. Remember GlossKote is a liquid coating so it’s applied to the whole sheet. Ensure your inks are dry before we coat otherwise set off, scuffing and marking may occur. Always use paper and inks that are compatible with GlossKote.


Its recommended you contact your supplier before you print as colour stability is critical alkali sensitive and fluorescent inks should be evaluated tested. We advise you to de-dust your sheets before sending to Allkotes for GlossKote. Should your job require glueing or foiling please ensure its specified on your order.


Stocks react differently when scored or folded and trimmed choose your stock wisely as if the board shows signs of cracking so will the GlossKote being a coating. Uncoated stocks can absorbed GlossKote into the substrate its a good idea to contact your paper supplier if you unsure otherwise supply sheets to Allkotes for testing.

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