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About This Project

GlitterKote provides a glittering effect when applied to selected areas of a printed image. It’s glossy, eye-catching and adds “shelf appeal” to a wide range of printed products. Available in a wide range of colours gold, silver, red, blue, green and multi colour to name a few. If you want know more about the range of colours contact your Allkotes team. Different to other forms of glitter application as our GlitterKote is trapped in our coating therefore the glitter is sealed and protected. It is ideal for book and magazine covers or inserts, DVD and CD packs, POS items, greeting cards and premium packaging. For quoting purposes please provide an idea of the image requiring GlitterKote along with how many up on the sheet and the number of sheets. For best results please ensure the stock is 170gsm or higher.


Ensure your inks are dry before we coat otherwise set off, scuffing and marking may occur. Please send a marked up sheet showing the grip and lay. A 20mm grip is a strict requirement as is a film positive right reading emulsion up or PDF outlining the areas to be coated. Coverage is important to a successful GlitterKote job so its important to discuss your designs before planning. Should you wish to know more feel free to contact your local Allkotes for advice.


Avoid any contact with scores, fold or trims as GlitterKote will crack, for best results provide a 5mm gap from these areas. Do not double stack or leave wrapped for prolonged periods as your job may set off. Avoid excessive use of spray powder as this will effect the overall quality of your job. Don’t apply any varnish, primer or aqueous varnish unless its approved by your supplier for the coating process. (we welcome testing in these instances to ensure quality results).

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