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About This Project

Foilfilm is often used for book covers, dust jackets, all forms of packaging, business cards, invitations, letter heads, point of sale items and magazine covers. The application of Foilfilm makes it flexible and popular as a product that can be used for all occasions. Allkotes has an extensive range of foil colours simply contact us and we will do our best to match your colour request. Holographic foils are also available from Allkotes and the range like the colours is quite extensive. The iridescent quality of the holographic foil coupled with its unique qualities can allow applications for security and anti-counterfeit applications. Such applications can include special ticketing, passes to events, invites and certificates. Don’t forget the array of combinations you can achieve when using Foilfilm other products to consider are SpotKote, embossing, KeyKote, MatteKote, Touch & ToughKote, BubbleKote, UltraKote, Micromotion and the list goes on.


Remember we require a film positive right reading emulsion up or a film positive outlining the area to be foiled. Ensure your inks are dry so that strong adhesion between the foil and the ink is achieved. We require a grip a minimum of a 25mm grip. All films are to be provided in line only no half tone films for die producing.


Avoid excessive use of spray as this will effect the overall quality of the foil. Very fine or reversed out artwork should be avoided as achieving a clean result with FoilKote may prove difficlut. If you are unsure please send us your artwork and will offer our experience and advice.

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