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About This Project

GlowKote is exactly what the name states. The luminescent lime green colour is given off once charged with light. Glow in the dark has been around for a long time and we have found the best results are achieved by screen application. The fluorescent spot coating allows you to pick and choose where your best results can be achieved. Please don’t be afraid to contact your Allkotes team if you require any further technical advice. Are there any other colours?? yes actually, GlowKote is also available in blue. So for that next insert, sticker or new product launch with a twist, why not try GlowKote!


The actual product will need to be charged up by light so that the glow comes to life. So its important you explain to your customer that GlowKote will need to exposed to either natural or artificial light for best results. The longer the charge the longer the glow. The actual colour of GlowKote is a lime transparent green while in either liquid or solid form. Do remember when asking for a quote make sure you provide an idea of the image area to be coated, how many up on the sheet and the amount of sheets. ( a diagram or a PDF will also help in the quoting process) Please note your price is based on the information you give us, so the more information you can provide the better equipped we are to help you and us win your next GlowKote job. In order to complete your next GlowKote job remember a 20mm grip is a strict requirement and a film positive right reading emulsion up or a PDF file outlining where the GlowKote is to be placed.


Please remember for best results its recommended that we place GlowKote over the white unprinted surface of your nominated stock. If you place GlowKote over a printed colour you will, in fact, nullify the impact of the Glow. If you are unsure, feel free to contact your Allkotes team should you require any assistance. Keep GlowKote away from scores, folds and trims as the product will crack. Should the GlowKote be required to wrap around such an area create a gusset or gap so that the coating is free from that area. Uncoated stocks are not recommended for the use of GlowKote as the substrate will absorb the GlowKote, therefore affecting the glow properties of the product.

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