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About This Project

DigiKote Soft & Gloss Metal are two metallised films which have adapted for use in the digital world. Both products have been tested on various digital devices with success. The use of these two products similar but slightly different to the offset available Soft Metal & ReflectaKote has added another dimension to the digital world. The added bonus for our customers is that you can choose the stock you aren’t limited to certain low quality grades of metallised stocks. We do advise like most new products to test how well these two products will perform on your digital devices. At the moment the I GEN device has not been totally compatible but further testing is being undertaken.


Its always recommended you discuss your job with Allkotes before proceeding with your printing. As simple tips like printing the inside of your sheet prior to the Soft Metal or Gloss Metal being applied can reduce the risk of marking. Its a good idea to supply overs for us and you to set up on when laminating and printing. It would be a good idea to discuss your plans with the manufacturer of your digital device before proceeding with any printing as they may have some handy tips for you.


Don’t plan your printing right to the egde of the sheet as we will require 10mm grip and a 5mm tolerance on the lay egdes.

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