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About This Project

An environmentally friendly laminating film at a friendly price. EcoKote is a more cost effective alternative to the traditional BioKote. And while it is not fully compostable in quick time like the higher price product, it is oxo-biodegradable which means it breaks down under light and oxygen to small particles in much the same way as biodegradable shopping bags. It’s effective, friendly and goes a long way to bringing bio products within reach. Available in Gloss and Matte.


Do ensure your inks are dry before we laminate your job otherwise set off, scuffing or marking can occur. Please provide a marked up sheet showing the grip and the lay. Colour stability is critical in the lamination process so please ensure you discuss your requirements with your ink and paper suppliers as to suitability for this process.


Don’t apply any varnish, primer or aqeous varnish unless its approved by your supplier for the lamination process.(we welcome testing in these instances to ensure quality results) Don’t use excessive spray powder as this will effect the overall quality of the job.

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