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About This Project

DigiKote gloss and matte films have been available to our digital customers for a while now so we thought its time to announce its arrival to the entire digital world. Our gloss and matte perform just as well on a digital surface in the same way our gloss PlastaKote and MatteKote film perform for the offset printing surface.


We do advise Allkotes runs some testing in case we haven’t run any sheets previously for as some digital devices can provide differing results. For quoting purposes we require the number of sheets to be laminated whether one or two sides are required the stock weight and sheet size.


If you are using our DigiKote gloss or matte film for the first time we recommend testing prior to printing your whole job. Please note we require a 10mm grip edge with a minimum of a 5mm bleed on the lay edge’s and back edge. Please ensure your inks are dry before we laminate otherwise set off, scuffing and marking may occur. Minimum stock weight is 150gsm.


Always provide a marked up sheet showing the grip and the lay. Its a must to supply overs in processing your job even if the sheets are blank. If you require any further assistance please feel free in contacting your Allkotes team.


Do not trim your sheet prior to sending to Allkotes we require your flat sheet grip and bleed. Avoid placing any varnish or coating on top unless approved by your ink or varnish supplier. Its a good idea to allow time for the sheet bond sufficenlty before trimming.

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