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About This Project

ColorKote is the use of colour or an added colour to SpotKote then applied to selected areas of the printed image. The application is the same as SpotKote gloss however the use of colour for that added colour into the SpotKote can provide smart result. We have seen clever uses of Colorkote on our metallised ReflectaKote as well as a black overprint on top of our ScratchKote. Its important we discuss your plans at the concept stage as testing may be required. It ensures product impact by enhancing the graphic design. Available in a range of colours and should you wish to know more contact your Allkotes team.  


Do discuss your requirements at the concept stage with your Allkotes team as colours will be ordered in based on a job by job basis. Please ensure we have a 20 grip, so from the grip edge to the first image we will require a 20mm gap. Colours and tints will be transparent so its important you discuss with your customer or designer.


Avoid colour matching if possible because UV inks and Spot tints will look different as opposed to offset inks. Don’t apply any varnish, primer or aqueous varnish unless it’s approved by your supplier for this process. Avoid the use of excessive spray powder as this will affect the overall quality of your job.

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