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About This Project

Soft Spot has arrived at Allkotes!! The team at Allkotes thought its time to unveil a new and exciting twist on one of our most sought after and rare products. Following the overwhelming popularity of TouchMatte its time to take it to a whole new level. So, we have developed a spot version of our TouchMatte which we are proud to introduce as Soft Spot!!


Soft Spot provides new flair and opportunity in developing a creative with SPOT capabilities, while still offering that velvet-like feel. While we are all familiar with the use of SpotKote gloss and the clever way it has provided contrast against a MatteKote background, Soft Spot can be considered in a similar light.


MatteKote and SpotKote will always ooze and extend that premium effect, but why not turn the tables and offer something different. For that next level of expertise to your printed piece try KeyKote (glueable gloss film) and Soft Spot!! By introducing KeyKote and Soft Spot you receive the added bonus of a glossy surface with a spot matte look and a velvet-like feel. As we mentioned previously Soft Spot is just like using a SpotKote gloss except its matte with benefits. So the choice is yours, you can use Soft Spot on its own, or why not combine it with our Allkotes range of products.


For all Soft Spot work a 20mm grip is a strict requirement, so from the grip edge to the first image, we are coating we need a 20mm gap. We prefer depending on the coverage for Soft Spot to be used on one side of the sheet only. Should two sides be required we strongly recommend that you contact your Allkotes team to discuss. We require a marked up sheet outlining the grip and lay, as well as a film positive or a PDF outlining the area to be coated.


Ensure your inks are dry before we coat or laminate otherwise, set-off, scuffing or marking can occur. Timing is critical to all of these days, so please remember to book your job in and allow adequate time for drying before collection. Do remember to cut away and remove any shrink wrap upon delivery. Should the works be moved on to another trading service, please sure they are also advised of the requirement for the removal of the shrink wrap.


Soft Spot must remain well away from any score, fold and trim as cracking may occur. Recommended distance would be 3mm to 5mm from the edge or score. If you want to use a gloss film underneath your Soft Spot please avoid standard gloss lamination. Allkotes must apply our gloss KeyKote for best results. Avoid large areas of Soft Spot around 30% – 40% of the whole sheet would be the maximum coverage. Also avoiding large coverage areas will present the stand out qualities for your next Soft Spot job. Do not double stack or leave your job wrapped as blocking or set off can occur. We do not recommend use onto uncoated stocks.


Don’t get carried away with use of Soft Spot, use it to highlight, add contrast and most of all use it to provide that spot velvet feel.

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