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About This Project

KlearKote gives your printed paper a full gloss or matt finish that laminates both sides with a sealed edge. It provides long-term protection and is available in a variety of thicknesses. KlearKote brings out the best in the printed sheet through the use of high-grade polyester films. It is ideal for prestige point of sale, ID cards, entry passes, menus, posters, photographs, maps, floor plans and even business cards. KlearKote is also an economically viable alternative to plastic with all the advantages of bright vivid colours protected by a thick film. It’s a good idea to be aware of the printing process prior to using KlearKote as not all forms of printing are compatible. KlearKote is available in Gloss 42, 80, 125, 150 & 250 micron and 80 microns in Matte. At the quoting stage please advise which thickness of KlearKote you require and if you need any round cornering or any hole punching.


Stock weight is important for best results to try and keep your stock choice to between 130gsm and 350gsm. Most KlearKote jobs are provided in a flat finished sheet and as standard Allkotes will apply a 5mm border around all four edges. Not all KlearKote work requires a 5mm border we can run your sheet keeping the grip and lay edges free of film for trimming afterwards. If you require this process please make sure you provide a marked up sheet showing the grip and lay. We can also provide round cornering, but please provide this request at the quoting stage.


KlearKote isn’t always compatible with all forms of printing so please make sure you discuss your requirements with your printer or ink supplier before printing. Should your KlearKote job be exposed to prolonged outdoor conditions it’s advised that light fast, heat-resistant inks are used as standard inks may discolour.

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