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About This Project

KeyKote and MatteSpotKote is a clever alternative combination of traditional MatteKote and SpotKote Gloss. The application of KeyKote provides a glossy film with a smooth surface offering protection to the print and is also glueable. MatteSpotKote is then applied over the top of KeyKote registering to the graphics underneath, very similar approach to MatteKote & SpotKote but opposite processes. The combination of KeyKote and MatteSpotKote can add dimension and bring life to your next project. This coating has a finely textured surface and for extra effect why not add a foil or an emboss for that finishing touch.


Remember KeyKote & MatteSpotKote is a two-pass process so factor in lead times and turnaround times accordingly. Please provide a film positive right reading emulsion up or PDF outlining your areas to be coated. A 20mm grip is also a strict requirement. Ensure your inks are dry before we laminate otherwise set off, scuffing and marking may occur. We require a marked up a sheet showing grip and lay. Handle with care for any post processes as the MatteSpotKote can be scuffed or marked if not handled appropriately.


Don’t apply any varnish, primer or aqueous varnish unless it’s approved by your supplier for the lamination or coating process. (we welcome testing in these instances to ensure quality results) Avoid excessive spray powder use as this will affect the overall quality of your job. Its advised to keep the MatteSpotKote away from any scores, folds or trims as cracking may occur. Try to avoid large areas of MatteSpotKote as this product is designed for spot application not all over. Should you be unsure feel free to contact your Allkotes team for further advice.

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