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‘Digital’ Embossing – No Dies

‘Digital’ Embossing – No Dies

As they say, there are more ways than one to skinning things and that includes the print finishing effect of embossing.

Take UltraKote for instance. It has a significantly raised High Build, High Rise look and feel which can be viewed as an effective alternative to the more traditional embossing effect which uses expensive dies.

And it’s Glossy to boot! In fact, it is being viewed around the world as “Digital Embossing” which puts it at the forefront of the latest printing technologies. This may be a curious term but the product is worth creative thought especially for short digital runs.

And it can have benefits over traditional embossing. For one, by offering a “gradient effect” from a high, high rise gloss spot to a smaller sophisticated “emboss” through the clever use of the right artwork in much the same way as the vignette look!

It can also be used on text, but please talk to your Allkotes representative first.

Ideal for any print jobs where regular embossing is used as in Book Jackets, Packaging, Folders, Brochures, Greeting Cards or the like. And it is especially ideal for short-run digital print jobs where embossing dies are too expensive.