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3D Optix

3D Optix

The latest advancement in 3D technology has landed down under and your Allkotes team is super excited for you to cast your eyes over Allkotes 3D Optix. The visually stunning patented lens technology is here to deliver with a real punch! 3D Optix is the first of its kind to be on offer to the Australian market, so the time is now for exploring new market opportunities.

The idea of 3D Optix is to engage your creative skills by combining a 3D shape or pattern into the background of your design coupled with the power of print. Then get set to be amazed as our 3D Optix creates a real eye-catching illusion. Trust us when we tell you, that you would not have seen anything like this before on an offset printed sheet.

It doesn’t stop there, 3D Optix has the unique ability to shift colour or flip from colour to colour in selected areas. Watch as your printed colour changes from blue to red or black to white. It’s as easy as changing your viewing angle or flipping your printed piece to see 3D Optix transform right before your eyes.

Our very own 3D creative is standing by to help you with the artwork preparation, so don’t panic your Allkotes team has you covered. As an added service, and for a small cost, we can provide a GIF of your design with 3D Optix. This clever visual animation allows you to see and appreciate how your finished product will be seen.

3D Optix is a no brainer when it comes your next poster, POS piece, Header Card, DLX promo card, etc… We have also seen some amazing results with wine labels and FMCG brands using this technology.

So, remember to talk to us at the concept stage, it’s important that we work together in achieving the best result. If you would like to learn or see more about 3D Optix, or should you like to see our swatch book contact your Allkotes team at allsyd@allkotes.com.au or call us on 02 9648 2022.