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Taylors Wines Temperature Challenge

Taylors Wines Temperature Challenge

Ranked as being one of the top 5 wine producing companies in the world comes with high expectations, so when Taylors Wines wanted more for their products they looked outside the box. Serving red or white wine at precisely the right temperature is paramount to its enjoyment and absolutely crucial in the eyes of the Taylors winemakers.

More recently Taylors Wines explored and produced wine bottles that came with labels which had a temperature set sensor. That passion drove the team at Taylors to take it to a whole new level, they wanted more!! That’s when Allkotes entered the picture to produce the “Taylors Temperature Wine Challenge” in 2017 using our ThermoKote technology.

The Taylors Temperature Challenge for Allkotes was an exciting project where we not only produced a sensor point for 3 white wines, it was also extended to cover 2 red wines presented 5 up on a A6 sticker using our ThermoKote. Each individual sensor was top cut so it could be applied directly to the wine of your choice. Put simply, this finished piece had 5 different wine varieties with 5 different temperature settings!!

For the wine connoisseur the hard part of working out when to drink your favourite wine was a problem now its solved thanks to Taylors Wines and Allkotes.

With great success and looking to continue down the same path in 2018, Taylors then created the “There’s a few degrees difference between a good red and a great red” campaign. The flexibility and unique qualities of ThermoKote again provided inspiration for the 2018 campaign for Taylors Wines. The challenge this year was more focused around the enjoyment of red wines; Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir. We are very pleased to announce this campaign was also a huge success for Taylors with advertising across radio air waves promoting this unique technology for all wine lovers to enjoy.

If you would like to learn more or see samples of our ThermoKote please feel free to contact our Allkotes team on 02 9648 2022 or email us at allsyd@allkotes.com.au, our team is standing by.