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About This Project

This product has to be seen to be believed. It actually disappears or appears when exposed to hot or cold temperatures. ThermoKote is available in a range of colours and there is even a colour to colour transformation available. The idea is either hot or cold items can be used to activate the coating so that a prize, message or product can be revealed under hot or cold exposure. When using ThermoKote for a cold application a message or a single coloured image or pattern can be seen once exposed to certain cool temperatures. When exposed to heat the opposite occurs where the ThermoKote won’t appear until a certain warmer temperature is reached. The standard activation temperatures are 15°C, 31°C, 45°C however, should you require something specific outside these settings we can also assist. If you want to know more about ThermoKote or explore the range of colours available contact your local Allkotes team. For all quotes requiring ThermoKote please provide us with an idea of the image area to be coated, how many upon the sheet, colour required and the number of sheets.


When planning your next ThermoKote job it’s always a good idea to involve your Allkotes team as we have the experience to guide you through. Remember ThermoKote is not 100% opaque so you will need to reduce the print strength underneath the ThermoKote to achieve best results. Discuss with the Allkotes team the stock you plan to use as results on coated, uncoated and pressure sensitive stocks have been achieved successfully.


ThermoKote is not a ScratchKote so think through your concept and outcome wisely. For results where you need your image or a message to be blocked from view while not being activated its best to reduce your print strength or the printed background. This will vary depending on the colour of ThermoKote used and the background. Keep ThermoKote away from any scores, folds or trims as it will crack.

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