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About This Project

LustreKote adds another dimension to the coating process by giving a matte foil effect as an alternative to foil stamping. It is ideal for book and magazine covers, Business cards, DM Piece’s, special invites, greeting cards and premium packaging. If you would prefer a gloss foil effect then allow for PlastaKote or KeyKote to be applied over the top. It can be applied to already printed graphics or as its own embellishment in much the same way as foil to give a sparkling effect. LustreKote can be used as an option for short-run work where the cost of the die may be too expensive. The application is screen based so the coverage is critical when requesting a quote as the material is only ordered on the placement of purchase order. Did you know that the LustreKote colour range has increased? Early 2016 Allkotes added a Matte Gold as well as an entire metallics range!! Should you wish to know more contact your Allkotes team.


A 20mm grip is a strict requirement plus a film positive right reading emulsion up or a PDF outlining the area to be coated. Remember to provide overs as we will spoil sheets during the setup. Ensure your inks are dry before we coat otherwise set off, scuffing and marking may occur. We require a marked up sheet showing the grip and lay.


Avoid the use of uncoated stocks as the end result will not be clean and it will soak into the stock. Be aware that LustreKote is opaque therefore do not print underneath as your print will not be visible. Don’t use excessive spray powder as this will affect the overall quality of your job. Don’t apply any varnish, primer or aqueous varnish unless it’s approved by your supplier (we welcome testing in these instances to ensure quality results).

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