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About This Project

HeatKote is one of the first specialised packaging products that Allkotes offered to the market many years ago. This product is designed for blister seal work where a flexible PVC film is to be heat sealed to a board using a blister pack machine. Very popular in the packaging world but does require testing if you intend to use for the first time. For Heat Seal Coatings such as HeatKote please make sure you follow and understand the specifications and conditions applicable. Click here for more information. Back in April 2019, Allkotes changed the method of application with regards to our HeatKote. If you would like to learn more please contact our Allkotes team. If you would like to test a sample of our new application method please feel free to contact our Allkotes team. As of August 2022, maximum sheet size is now 500mm x 700mm with 30mm grip all around the sheet.


Only blister grade stocks and inks should be used when planning your next HeatKote job. We recommend you contact your paper and ink suppliers before printing. Also please note that HeatKote once applied does carry a maximum shelf life of 12 months. We recommend that you manage your stock levels based on this recommendation. The correct blister should also be used along with the tested and approved blister packing equipment. HeatKote now requires a grip, allow for 30mm all around the sheet.


Don’t trim, cut or perforate your sheets before sending to Allkotes. Do not apply any varnish, primer or aqueous unless it’s approved by your supplier for this process. Avoid excessive spray powder as this will effect the bond of the blister to the stock. We now require a grip so please ensure you provide a 30mm grip all around the sheet.

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