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About This Project

BrushKote is an exciting new development in metallised silver lamination with the addition of brush strokes to add prestige and class to your finished product. It looks similar to the brushed aluminium finishes as seen in car interiors and electrical home appliances. BrushKote is applied to the whole sheet the same way as ReflectaKote. Printing over BrushKote requires the use of Foil/Vinyl inks, Screen or UV inks we recommend you discuss with your ink supplier whats best for you. For that added protection to your print why not place gloss PlastaKote or KeyKote over the top. If you would like to see a sample or learn more about BrushKote contact your Allkotes team. Clever uses include luxury product packaging, point of sale, CD & DVD packaging.


BrushKote is opaque so when planning your next job remember the film will lay down first followed by your printing. Its a goods idea to supply overs for us to set up on when running your sheets. If you are unsure as to the number of overs required contact your Allkotes team. Its a good idea to supply a marked up sheet showing your preferred grip and lay edge. When laminating your sheets with BrushKote remember the film will be applied to the whole sheet.


BrushKote by its name has brush strokes running down the film therefore planning is critical, ensure you discuss with us which direction you require the brush strokes to run. Lighter weights of double sided coated stocks can be susceptible to static issues during and after the laminating process. This in turn can create feeding issues at the printing process. Its recommended stock weights of 170gsm or higher be used and preferably coated one side only. Should you require any further advice please contact your Allkotes team.

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