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About This Project

GreaseKote is a water-based coating used to act as a barrier to render the board grease and oil resistant or develop a high degree of moisture resistance. The coating used is a cross-linking type, so as to achieve maximum grease and oil resistance, but at the same time retain flexibility. The coating comes with FDA approval, however, it’s essential that you discuss your particular requirements with the Allkotes team. While the coating is FDA approved, this does not imply that the product is produced under food grade conditions.


Its important in all new requests for GreaseKote that stocks are coated by Allkotes and given to your client for approved use. Allkotes is not a testing house we purely apply the coating under standard factory conditions. The use of GreaseKote is very popular in the packaging and food industry should you wish to know more contact your Allkotes team. For more information re food contact please have a look at our technical specifications on products page re “if food contact is required”.


It’s very important that you discuss with your Allkotes team as what product is coming in contact with the GreaseKote as anti- fungal additives may be required. We recommend testing all new work requiring GreaseKote this should also include testing by the client for approval before printing. For food contact its imperative that your client conducts tests to satisfy that their standards have been met. For more information refer to our technical specifications “if food contact is required” and download the more information sheet.


Be aware that a single coat on your chosen stock may not perform as required by your customer in some cases two coats may be required. The use of spray powder can affect the impact of the GreaseKote so please avoid excessive use. Don’t apply any varnish, primer or aqueous varnish unless it’s approved by your supplier for this process.

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