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About This Project

AquaKote is water-based coating used to help seal the printed side of sheets. The gloss level isn’t as high as our Gloss or PatternKote but it provides a finish higher and superior to a machine varnish. The idea of using AquaKote is to aid in scuff resistance and a quick-fire solution to problems of wet or soft inks where a seal is required. Most of today’s presses have coating units or a varnish system and for those that don’t AquaKote can be cheaper than a reprint.


Stock weight is important when using AquaKote a minimum stock of 250gsm is recommended. Please ensure the stock you have chosen is a coated stock otherwise the AquaKote will soak into the stock. Please note the minimum sheet size is 320 x 450 and a maximum 720 x 1020.


Please note that the gloss level can fluctuate pending on the quality of the stock used. Avoid the excessive use of spray powder as this will affect the overall result of AquaKote.

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